Vision and Mission

Women Participation in Governance (WPG)

1. Civic Responsibility

Civic duties are far broader than Voting and Obeying the Law. By far the most important duty for all citizens is to actively engage in the work of co-creating community, culture and country--and by this I mean far more than the above. Civic participation requires citizens to always (every day, every age, every place) see ourselves each (and all others) as critical co-creators and stewards of the place we live --- from our neighborhood to our planet. If this sounds overwhelming, it shouldn't. If all (or at least way more) of us were to bring our passion, purpose, predicament and potentials to our 'public' life we'd have more than enough brain, muscle and other power to solve the problems and achieve the aspirations we share.

2. Stop Violence Against Women In Politics

Violence against women in politics ranges from verbal abuse and threat of reprisal to sexual harassment, rape and even murder in its most brutal and barbaric form. It is crucial to recognize that women are targeted because they are women, thus such violence is gendered in its form and most importantly has the impact to discourage all other women from exercising their voice and agency. Marginalized groups of women face even increased risks. If you are young, poor, and geographically isolated, you are at extreme risk of experiencing VAW because of your political engagement in your group and community. SoLife Implements Committee that intensify campaign and advocacy for behavioral change by sensitizing the citizens on Gender-Based Violence (GBV), tracking and responding to cases of GBV, and encourage women’s participation in politics Osun state.

3. Voter Education

SoLife provides citizens with basic information about participating in elections.With focus on • How to register to vote - most democracies require citizens to first register as a prerequisite to voting in elections , How to complete ballot papers - filling out ballots incorrectly can mean an individual’s vote is misrepresented in the final count or counted as invalid. Therefore, clearly demonstrating how ballots are to be correctly filled out is essential ,The electoral system - it is important that citizens know how their votes will contribute to the final result in an election.


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