Vision and Mission


Society for Life Changers and Good Parental Care is women organization and is been headed by a woman. The administrative structure of the organization which comprises of the board of trustee, Board of Director, management and staffing composition of the organization are majorly women. All units of the organization is also been headed by women who understands the challenges other women and girls of the society are facing. Been a woman-led organization, we placed a strong emphasis on women and girls issue and these groups are always initiated into any programme of the organization.

SOLIFE operates three-tier governance structure, consisting of six (6) trustees’ members and five (5) board of directors consisting of high National and International repute. The trustees provide strategic and policy guidance and also ratifies the decision of the Board of Directors and is actively involved in resource mobilization for the smooth running of organization.

The Board of Directors provides direct supervision over the management of the organization on programs direction, resource mobilization and allocation, policy formulation, and advocacy visit in the project states/communities. The board members also bear oversight responsibilities over some program areas where they have appropriate skills; the board meets at least three times a year. In an effort to promote accountability in the governance structure, the trustees provide independent review of Board of Directors decisions for the purpose of controlling conflicts of interest. We have a highly effective management team that reports to the Board of Directors regularly. Human resource policies and procedures are in place and managers use them consistently to hire and retain talented and committed staff. Communication mechanisms are used consistently and effectively to share information across organizational units and among staff at different levels. A Performance Appraisal System (PAS) is in place, procedures for performance evaluation and staff development exist, Clear Job Descriptions exist for all positions; they are used consistently to manage staff performance expectations and are regularly reviewed. SoLife equally have an M & E Policy that addresses data collection, storage and use in all our program areas with tools which are adapted from and in line with the national M & E protocol for the program areas. Our M & E Policy promotes learning, feedback, and knowledge sharing of results and lessons

Society for Life Changers and Good Parental Cares Governance Structure:


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